Smart Lighting

with OOH-AV

Control4 Wall Switch @OOH-AV

Smart Lighting

When designing your OOH-AV Smart Home, our key goal is to makes its operation as simple as possible for our clients. Control4 Light switches are programmed uniquely for your home.

Your custom wall light switches can control a lot more than the ambience of the room. Would you like to start your favourite playlist, dim the lights and open the shades all at the touch of a button? OOH-AV can make this happen and more!

Keep your home safe with smart lighting

With a Control4 lighting system, you can use sensors to turn on exterior lighting as someone approaches your home. If you are away, you can also be sent a notification to your phone to allow you to check all is safe. Lighting scenes can also be created to mimic your home movements when you are away on holidays, giving the appearance that your home is occupied. 

Smart Home @OOH-AV

Improve your home energy efficiency

No one likes wasting money, so why waste energy on unnecessary lighting costs. A Control4 lighting system can be programmed to turn on and off your lights automatically, so no more wasted lighting in unoccupied rooms. They also offer a dimming functionality, so just by dropping the output to 90% you can reduce your energy consumption.